Cala: The Inflatable SUP for the Wild in You!

2021-12-23 02:11:41 By : Ms. cindy Ren

A new company’s launch is no small endeavor. In the midst of a whirling planet, changing tides and potential rain, Sebastian Grazzini – former pro skier – chose to go all-in on Cala Boards, a new brand of inflatable stand up paddle boards including gorgeous graphics, elements of eco-conscious construction and a lifestyle which says, “Let’s Keep Paddling!”.

Check out the brand welcome below written by Chrissy Habian.

Introducing Cala: the SUP brand to celebrate the wild in every body!

Founder Sebastian Grazzini, finds joy and success in several sports – including professional skiing and mixed martial arts – but his newest endeavor is inspiring others to get out on the water. That’s why Grazzini launched Cala, a premier inflatable SUP board with a high quality product line and kick-ass brand.

There are plenty of companies out there that sell paddle boards to varying degrees of success and water consciousness. Enter the Cala 2022 line of inflatable SUP boards! The brand stands out because consumers can feel confident and secure in every purchase knowing this brand makes products for water-lovers. In fact, their love of water is clearly demonstrated throughout all aspects of Cala’s design and manufacturing process.

For example, all of Cala’s deck pads are made with BLOOM technology. BLOOM, an Algix brand, is the first algae-blend material that functions like plastic without any of the negative environmental risks. Cala’s implementation of BLOOM technology has already resulted in 451 liters of clean water being returned to its natural marine habitat, and 282 cubic meters of air cleaned.

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The BLOOM deck material not only removes harmful phosphorus and ammonia present in industrial and agricultural waste-water and air emissions, but it also is a great, durable material to have on your paddle board. The deck is grippy in all the right places.

Additionally, Cala has an HDX Air System construction for this line of inflatable paddle boards. The HDX construction includes an Ultra Reinforced, High Density, Cross Woven Polyester Dropstitch creating an unparalleled rigidity and strength in each board. Plus, every Cala board comes with a full carbon adjustable paddle so you can paddle longer.

Cala’s 2022 debut product line is impressive. The launch boasts nine premium inflatable boards ranging in level from curious beginner to niche athlete. Let’s take a look at their four “all-round” boards: the Mazu, Maui, Chac, and Mana. Each are perfect options for both beginners and seasoned paddlers to get out on the water. These boards are nimble, but also stable enough to bring a puppy or small child out for some adventure. The all-around boards range from 10’6” – 11’ and include the Cala signature X-woven Dropstitch construction for extra durability.

Next, there are three touring models: the Kanaloa, Ikatere, and Atla. These touring boards are built for long distance touring and open sea navigation for the veteran athlete. In this board range, in lengths from 10’8” to 11’6”, athletes will find a quick turning ability, pointy noses for moving through chop or wind, and comfortable decks to keep feet comfortable for hours.

Last, but certainly not least, the Cala rafting model (11’ Oceanus) and yoga model (10’8”) are designed with custom graphics. These are relaxing options for paddlers looking for the thrill of river rafting or the private zen of a SUP yoga session.

Each Cala paddle board combines great looking graphics with high quality construction to match the vibe of every aquatic adventure. What’s more, each model contains specific details, including daisy chain bungee straps, air pump, tri-fin set up and a two wheeled backpack making adventure travel with your SUP that much easier! Every detail is thoughtfully designed to enhance your time on the water.

Cala’s dedication to protecting the water is not only visible in their choice of material for deck pads, it is also the pillar of the entire Cala brand. When you see the name Cala, think freedom, exhilaration, beauty, and adventure.

Sebastian Grazzini created the brand not just for enthusiasts who frequently paddle or live in coastal regions. Rather, he designed Cala to appeal to the natural connection to water that he believes is found deep within every individual on this planet. The Cala team understands how powerful time our time is out on the water. The 2022 Cala product line represents an array of stand up paddle boards to support all of the adventures that keep us connected to our aquatic roots.